Is it possible to install SAP ECC 6.0 on a local dev box? I need to test integrating with with SAP from another application (through BAPIs) and am having a hard time finding any type of developer edition or even a virtual appliance that I can quickly test with. Any pointers?

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Yes, it's possible, but if you want to test against BAPIs the only thing you're left with is either a full-blown installation and customization project - I think we can safely rule that out - or an IDES installation. The reason is that with all of the free test drives I know of, you only get the development environment, but not the ECC core with the business logic - and the BAPIs are part of the ECC core.

Take a look at - they seem to offer a free IDES access that might be sufficient for your purposes. If you want to install IDES on your own box, you need to be a SAP Customer or Partner with a valid license - if you are, go to - and remember to buy a Really Big Machine.

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