Hi All,

I run SAP Hana setup to install HANA for SAP Business One Analytic.  It is able to create database instance but unable to start IndexServer. It says connect timeout. I search on this forum. some people says that we need to open JAVA and saphostcontrol ports  .


I don't know how to open JAVA and saphostcontrol.


can anybody knows how to open ports?


Thanks in advance


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Hi ,

Could you please try these steps:

1. Right click your system -> Administration -> Configuration tab

2. Expand daemon.ini -> Expand indexserver -> Instances value should be 1

3. Expand daemon.ini -> Expand sapwebDisp -> Instances value should be 1

4. Expand daemon.ini -> Expand scriptserver -> Instances value should be 1

5. Expand daemon.ini -> Expand xsengine -> Instances value should be 1





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