Hi all,


I have added one Model Attribute field in the Opportunity Search / Result component(BT111S_OPPT) .


But that field was not displayed in Configuration , I have searched in the SDN to achieve the same . I got one llink , even though I did the same steps still that field was not displaying .


Link which i referrred http://scn.sap.com/thread/3169005


Please help to display the field in search and result.



Ismael Wilde

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Hi Ismael,

Did you do this?

SPRO -> CRM -> UI Framework -> UI Framework Definition -> DEsign Layer -> Deactivate Hiding of Fields




Check the modelling in GENIL_MODEL_BROWSER , if the field is there there is some issue with WEBGUI, otherwise in modelling itself .

 Also check http://blog.acorel.nl/2011/10/missing-fields-in-ui-configuration-to....




Hi Ismael,

If the new field is not getting displayed in the UI, then you will have to reset the personalization you have maintained for the particular view.


Thanks & Best Regards,

Tami Tobler

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