Training and placement for business analyst

Our institute provides all Business analyst courses and also Software Automation Testing Training. Professional & experienced teacher provide all requirements for our students are needed any business analyst. We provide classroom training of business analyst, and quality analyst certification in new jersey and new york and also online classes all over in USA. We are specialist of training and placement for business analyst in New Jersey.

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SAP News

Sharing Data Without Sharing It: Secure Computation with Bosch

SAP and Bosch have joined forces to harness the power of secure multi-party computation and help enable secure and privacy-preserving data analysis across different organizations and industries.

Intelligent Document Processing: Unlocking Hidden Insights with AI

Enriched with AI capabilities, this next-generation tool is becoming a vital ally for process optimization, innovation, and delivering exceptional user experiences.

What Does 2024 Have in Store for Spend Management and Supply Chain Professionals?

SAP’s intelligent spend and business network leaders share their predictions for the coming year.

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