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Issac Haycraft

Coldwater, MI, United States

Roselle Reifsteck

Killington, VT, United States

Ellyn Epping

Livingston, NJ, United States


Atlanta, GA, United States

Trent Troche

Houston, TX, United States

Jeanetta Jesse

Houston, TX, United States

January Jacox

Houston, TX, United States

Kurt Beckles

Houston, TX, United States

Hiram Camberos

Houston, TX, United States

Allene Dudash

Duluth, MN, United States

Olga Lawry

Houston, TX, United States

Lashay Lanoue

Ankeny, IA, United States

Martin Jackson

California, United States

SAP News

The Importance of Intelligent Asset Management and Maintenance for Petrobras

The leading energy company was looking for a central view of mission-critical assets.

SAP CSR’s eBook Celebrates a Year of Global Impact

Corporate social responsibility is ingrained in our strategic framework, driving us to improve lives and foster sustainability worldwide.

Fairness, Transparency, and Human Involvement: The Ethical Side of Artificial Intelligence

Ethics has been part of our AI research and development from the very beginning.

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