If there is an award for the most unimpressive support pack, I believe SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 SP8 is the clear winner. All joking aside, it is strange that SAP decided to release SP8 without adding a single new features to the product. The “What’s new” guide only provides a link to the PAM and it also fails to list any new features. In addition, within the PAM, there is not a single mention of SP08. I’m guessing this means that someone forgot to update the PAM? The release notes contain a section for SP08 (Support Package 8) starting on page 906. There are several hundred fixes listed between page 906 and 997. My conclusion is the SP08 is all about the fixes and we need to start moving to version 4.1 to find new features. Therefore I will focus this posting on my personal top “fixes” is SP08 because there is nothing else to share.

  1. (ADAPT01677669) Logging on to InfoView may take a long time (more than 20 seconds) if reverse-DNS lookup is not possible.
  2. (ADAPT01678695) The promotion management home page loads for a long time.
  3. (ADAPT01694045) If there is no “Custom” folder in Tomcat.Webapps.MobiServer.WEB-INF.config folder, the Server.properties should obtain values from default folder.

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