Privacy Policy

1. Collecting Personal Information

SAPZilla portal collects personal information of its users for better resource building and enabling resource sharing

The information is collected whilst -
During registration process, information collected includes – user name input upon registration with name, password, email address, employer’s name and country.

When a user interacts with SAPZilla pages, discussions and topics, shares and download information using the tools available, downloads applications using the platform technology, SAPZilla securely collects information of your IP address, type and version of the browser used, operating system, mobile carrier (if you register your mobile number), the ISP your network is connected with, the URLs which have directed you to SAPZilla, or the URLs you follow and leave the SAPZilla portal website and it also collects information of sites which have embedded SAPZilla platform functionality or app.

When third party applications are interacted – taking part in surveys, downloading apps from SAPZilla portal, or any related activity which engages cookies and storing of data to customize the user preferences.
When the user interacts with third party applications like surveys, entry forms, polls, third party research interaction undertaken with user consent.

2. Personal Information Utility

Your information archived and recorded in our database is used to;

a. Allow you to interact with other users with basic information of identity to help in social interaction or offer your information to third party vendors who offer combined services in line and agreement with SAPZilla

b. Monitor your account registered with SAPZilla to customize the services offered to you and to the other users.

c. Share and send to you offers and promotional information through email communication, send updates and notices coming from SAPZilla portal. The messaging preferences can be modified in our options panels provided to every user

d. Allowing you to connect with people and opportunities on SAPZilla portal.

e. Share, Distribute and Create Advertisements relevant to your network and industry with proper SAPZilla experience. For example if you create a post, update your status, update your profile, join a group, leave a comment or express affiliation with a product or follow a company and / or job, SAPZilla will use your personal profile information including your photo and name to be published alongside the update. The photo and name affiliation can be adjusted upon the user discretion.

f. Your information is not shared or sold or rented to third party vendors without your knowledge and consent only and except where it is necessary to process your explicit and/or implicit instruction (whilst processing your payment information, for example) or as elucidated above in the Section 2 of the Privacy Policy.

g. We may send and share some of the information with our primary affiliates (like SAPZilla, OracleConnections and Arthur Lawrence) to provide you with the offerings matching your profile and experiences. The user is also provided with the privilege to control whether you prefer to share your information and whether your information is viewable by others or not through control panel preferences settings.

h. If you request premium and paid services of SAPZilla, your information shall be shared with the payment processor.

3. Information Choices

A user can;

  • View, review, edit and upgrade profile and personal information through the personal profile page option assigned to every user in SAPZilla portal.
  • Also control the part and amount of information viewable and accessible by search engines through public profile settings
  • Choose which third party applications or setup to keep, retain, install or uninstall.
  • Control whether your personal and profile information is published and shared with third party vendors and/or applications through Developer supported and installed applications installed by your (user) connections
  • Control the feature of receiving messages from SAPZilla and other users
  • Change the settings to control the accessibility and visibility through SAPZilla portal
  • Control whether you allow SAPZilla to access your profile to customize the professional plugins and updates it wishes to install and distribute.
  • Control whether SAPZilla is allowed to use your name and profile picture to be used for Social Ads and community updates.
  • Inform SAPZilla to terminate and close down the account.

4. User Obligation to Other SAPZilla Users

The user is advised not to infringe upon the usage and browsing rights of other users by means of spamming, abusing, harassing, embarrassing, or resorting to any other means to violate the User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

5. Important Information

SAPZilla has passed all the testing and validation process and is awarded the TRUSTe’s Privacy which secures the user information even much more. TRUSTe Privacy Seal endorses the practices of the SAPZilla portal certifying transparency, accountability processes of SAPZilla with the perspective of collecting and using user personal information.
If you and other users have concerns and queries regarding the Privacy Policy, including but not limited to Safe Harbor Privacy Framework, you should contact SAPZilla first. If your concern is not answered satisfactorily you can then access TRUSTe on their website to raise and register your concern aptly with them. You can access TRUSTe by Fax at +1-415-520-3420 or you could mail at WatchDog Complaints, TRUSTe, 55 2nd Street, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA USA, 94105. TRUSTe will act and serve as a liaison with SAPZilla to resolve Users concerns.

6. Security Information

The personal information provided by the users is secured and stored according to the industry compliant standards and conformance with technology practices.
Since internet is not secure medium for information exchange, we don’t guarantee 100% secured environment. SAPZilla cannot give any guarantee or assurances or warrant the safety of the internet information security of the information transmitted to SAPZilla. There stays no guarantee that information may not be accessible, copied, shared and disclosed, modified and altered or mutilated or destroyed by any means involving physical, technical and managerial safeguard measures.
The user is complete responsible for maintain the secrecy of the unique password and account status and information. The user is also completely responsible for controlling the accessibility to the email communication at all times and costs.

7. Contacting SAPZilla

If you have questions, queries, concerns, please send those directly at

Attn: Privacy Policy Concern
(Physical Address of SAPZilla Portal)

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